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September 27, 2016

Are all loans bad?

We have all heard of people getting into debt that spirals out of control and eventually leading them to bankruptcy and financial ruin. But are all […]

Financial Planning

Ah, the good ol' two words that most youngsters nowadays fear the most. The necessary evil? In this section of my site, we take a look at some of the concerns/controversial thoughts that youth like yourself might have for your financial future.


Which stocks are the hottest? Which plan is the most secure? Which is the best plan for your risk profile? All these questions, and more, answered.


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About The Blogger

Hi! I'm Sashti Kovalan.

I believe sharing is caring, and that knowledge is as good as gold. Put them together, and you have this blog. :)

Many youth have the perception that you have to be born rich to be rich. While it does give you a strong headstart, all is not lost for us youth. Through practicing many of the best methods that I shall curate in this blog, put them into good use and practice, and let's carve out a solid path to financial freedom. Here's to your sucess.